Must-Have Games – Atari 2600



In Barnstorming, you just keep flying along and dodging birds. The levels aren’t even randomly generated, it is always in the same order.



In Kaboom!, you are in control of the tiles at the bottom of the screen, and you have to make sure none of the bombs hit the ground.

River Raid


In River Raid, you are a waterplane, and you have to shoot everything in your path, and if you hit something you haven’t shot, you will die.

Pressure Cooker


In Pressure Cooker, you are a chef, and you move around, grabbing ingredients and putting them on the pass. Then, you grab the meal and it in one of the chutes.



Pitfall is one of the first endless runners ever made. You have to dodge enemies and jump over pits. A really good game.



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