Slender – Prison


In Prison, you have to collect eight photos. I think, personally, that Prison is one of the hardest Slender maps there is, probably harder than Clautrophobia. Prison is a REALLY BIG MAP. Seriously, it would have to be double the size of any other Slender map there is. Also, to do with the gameplay, the Slender Man’s AI has been completely redesigned, which either means that it would be much easier or much harder. After a while, I found out that it was MUCH HARDER. The prison cells all look the same, which means that you cannot remember where you are. There are many places where the Slender Man can creep up behind you as well. For example, there is a REALLY annoying photo you have to collect in one corner of the map, and get back out again. This is probably the hardest photo to get, especially if this is your last photo. In this map, you can actually escape, so this map is kinda like Mansion. This is one of my favourite maps, because it is the hardest and the scariest. Look up the music if you don’t believe me.


Must-Have Games – Sega Saturn


Radiant Silvergun

In Radiant Silvergun, you are a jet fighter pilot in a Space Invaders-like game. You have to avoid the lasers getting sent to you by the enemy and laser them yourself. You come up against bosses, and they are really big, but not so hard. A good game, but there isn’t much point to it.

Street Fighter Alpha 3

Street Fighter Alpha 3 is, as all Street Fighter games are, an amazing game in terms of gameplay and controls. The only difference between this and the current games is that the graphics are better. One of my favourites.

Marvel vs Street Fighter

Remember when all the Street Fighter games were about real fighting with the occasional throw? Well, Marvel vs Street Fighter changes all this. With the added bonus of Marvel characters, you have powers as well. You also get to have an alter ego (another player), which enhances combat. A VERY good game.


Other than Mario and Sonic, I would say that Rayman is the best platformer game there is. It is like the Mario and Sonic of its time, but (if it’s even possible) it is BETTER than Mario and Sonic. The graphics are amazing and so is the gameplay. A good game.


Astal is a platformer with good graphics and combat. A second-rate platformer.


Windows vs Mac


WINDOWS                                               VS                                                MAC

STABILITY                           LOSE                                                               WIN

Macs are more stable because it separates most programs from each other, as well as the operating system. Whereas, Windows programs and operating systems are all connected, which makes it less stable.

SECURITY                            LOSE                                                                WIN

Mac wins this category because it is yet to be threatened by a major virus or security breach. Windows is constantly riddled with viruses and security breaches.

RELIABILITY                      LOSE                                                                WIN

On a Mac, you can move a program file anywhere within the hard drive, and it won’t crash. Mac will also provide you with a shortcut icon. In Windows, if you move a program file anywhere, it is possible that you will have to reinstall the program. Sometimes, Windows just quits working altogether.

MULTIMEDIA                    LOSE                                                                WIN

Mac wins this category because it offers an unprecedented range of applications and hardware for audio, video and photo editing. Even though Windows are more multimedia equipped than ever before, they still cannot compare to Macs.

COST                                       WIN                                                                 LOSE

The range of Windows are much cheaper than Macs.

SELECTION                          WIN                                                                 LOSE

Mac only offers 10-15 models, whereas there is an unending range of Windows computers.

COMPATIBILITY               LOSE                                                                  WIN

Mac can run Windows, but Windows can’t run Mac.

GAMING                                WIN                                                                 LOSE

The world’s most popular games are available on Windows, and only some are available on Mac.

TV CONNECTIVITY           WIN                                                                  LOSE

Most Windows computers are designed to directly connect to certain TVs, but a Mac can only connect to a TV if you have Apple TV, which costs an extra $100.

POPULARITY                      WIN                                                                  LOSE

95% of schools and businesses run Windows, only 5% run Mac. But remember that you can change this statistic.

SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY   WIN                                                      LOSE

Software is usually designed to run on Windows, but Mac software is usually a different version, which means you have to learn the process all over again.

TYPOGRAPHY                   LOSE                                                                   WIN

Type-styles are rendered on a Mac better.

3D RENDERING               WIN                                                                     LOSE
Windows’ open architecture and PCI allows a wide, non-saturated video subsystem. Mac only uses PCI, which makes the 3D rendering severely bottle-necked.

COLOUR MATCHING     LOSE                                                                   WIN

Macs are the only OS that supports ColourSync™ , which enables you to colour match extremely well. Windows cannot match this standard.

SPEED TEST                       LOSE                                                                   WIN

Startup                                  1 Min 13 Sec                    ->                              29 Sec

Shut Down                          44 Sec                                ->                               4 Sec

Internet Browser               6 Sec                                   ->                               3 Sec

Adobe Photoshop             6 Sec                                   ->                               4 Sec

CD Rip                                 3 Min 35 Sec                     =                              3 Min 35 Sec

Mac clearly wins the section.

In conclusion, Mac wins a total of eight categories, and Windows only seven. So, if you are looking for something cheap with an okay OS, get a Windows, but if you can afford it, DEFINITELY “Get a Mac”(I am writing this post on a Mac). Because, if after a while you decide, ‘This OS is pathetic’ (which I don’t think you will), if you have had a Windows before, yes I know, you ACTUALLY HAD A WINDOWS (it’s not that embarrassing) you can just run Boot Camp Assistant, and you insert your Windows installation disc, and voila! You are running Windows on a Mac. In my opinion, yes, I am restating the quote but, “Get a Mac”.


Slender – 7th Street


7th Street is, in my opinion, one of the easiest Slender games I have played. In 7th Street, the graphics are AWESOME! Seriously, everything is in so much detail. But, you know how in other Slender games how when it gets dark, it actually makes the game harder? Yeah, in 7th Street, it actually makes it easier, because everything is black, except for the shiny, white pages and the shiny, white Slender Man. In 7th Street, you have to collect eight pages, which are really easy to find. In 7th Street, you are in some sort of an abandoned town or city, and when you spawn, you spawn in the intersection of 7th Street and 7th Street. Since, this game is so easy, I can’t include anything else.


Must-Have Games – Gameboy Advance


Wario Ware Twisted

In Wario Ware Twisted, it is very good that the game incorporates moving the Gameboy sideways and up and down. As all Wario Ware games are, Twisted has many minigames in the game. You can play Mario on a spherical-like world and play Metroid by tilting the Gameboy to shoot. A VERY good game.

Advance Wars

Advance Wars is the original in the series, and is a very good game with lots of strategy. I do like Advance Wars on DS, but this one is not as good.

Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island

Yoshi’s Island is just like any other Mario platformer except for a few substantial differences. In Yoshi’s Island, the ground is not flat, instead of walking as Mario, you are riding on Yoshi, and you are Baby Mario. Also, you swallow enemies. One of my favourites.

Metroid: Zero Mission

Metroid: Zero Mission is a good game in the series, but, since we’re not in 1985 anymore, the game isn’t too appealing to me. It is too much like the original Metroid in this post I did.

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are just like all the other Pokemon games, just with a slightly different story. I personally think that the whole series is getting old. Still, a very good game, but not original enough.