PlayStation VS Xbox – Which is better?

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                                                           PLAYSTATION                                     VS                                     XBOX

Hardware                                                 WIN                                                                                           LOSE

The processors are so different, it is hard to make comparisons, the chips run at the same speed, but the PlayStation’s seven individual cores beat the Xbox’s three dual-cores. In terms of performance measured in gigaflops, the PlayStation almost triples the Xbox.

Graphics                                                 LOSE                                                                                            WIN

Both of these consoles rely on custom-designed graphics cards. The Xbox’s card has more Video RAM, but this RAM is also shared with the console. The PlayStation has dedicated Video RAM and Console RAM. In bandwidth, the PlayStation just slightly beats the Xbox, however, the Xbox has the advantage of 10 MB of eDRAM, which makes the Xbox’s bandwidth jump up. Even though the PlayStation has better general performance, the Xbox has a higher peak, so therefore, the Xbox wins.

RAM                                                          WIN                                                                                            LOSE

Once again, the Xbox total amount of RAM is slightly misleading, because the Video and System RAM is shared. The PlayStation’s RAM is way more fast and efficient running at a speed of 3.2 GHz compared to the Xbox’s 700 MHz.

Hard Drive                                              WIN                                                                                             LOSE

One of the changes made to the new Xbox 360 “Slim” model is that the models no include a 4 GB SSD drive for data storage, rather than relying on memory units. With the PlayStation, a hard drive is included in both models. The HDD units in both consoles are similar, offering several hundred GB of storage. The expensive PlayStation offers 320 GB of HDD storage compared to the Xbox’s 250 GB.

Disc Drive                                               WIN                                                                                              LOSE

The PlayStation and the Xbox have their own advantages when it comes to disc drives. The Xbox has a significantly faster DVD read speed. While the PlayStation disc drive runs somewhat slower than the Xbox’s, it does offer a significantly higher storage capacity that comes with Blu-Ray. For most gamers, storage capacity will be far more appealing than read speed.

Video Support                                         WIN                                                                                            LOSE

With both consoles now including standard HDMI ports, the two consoles are largely comparable when it comes to video connections. The PlayStation completely outclasses the Xbox. While the Xbox supports 1080p, Microsoft only requires 720p for all its games. The PlayStation supports 1080p, and most of its games are 1080p.

Audio Support                                        WIN                                                                                             LOSE

For gamers relying on analogue sound collections, the Xbox has the advantage of  Dolby Pro-Logic II, as well as standard stereo. But for those with digital connections, the PlayStation wins with 5.1 Dolby Digital surround and 7.1 LPCM surround.

Connectivity                                           WIN                                                                                              LOSE

The current PlayStation has two USB ports, compared to the Xbox’s three. As well, Sony has removed the Compact Flash and the SD Card support as seen in older models. While the Xbox offers memory units that can transfer game data and saves. Even though the Xbox has these advantages, the PlayStation still wins because of its support of Bluetooth 2.0.

Networking                                          LOSE                                                                                               WIN

When it comes to networking, gamers need to decide whether they will rely on a wired connection or a wireless connection. The PlayStation’s Ethernet port runs significantly faster. Both consoles include built-in WiFi support, however, the Xbox supports 802.11n technology, while the PlayStation only supports 802.11g. Giving the increasing importance of wireless internet, the Xbox has the advantage here.

Backwards Compatibility                 LOSE                                                                                              WIN

If you need to rely on backwards compatibility, neither the Xbox or the PlayStation will help. The 360 runs most of the original Xbox’s games, however, as the 360 relies on software emulation, performance can be spotty and unreliable at times. The PS3 supports original PlayStation games with hardware emulation, which means there are far fewer problems. Unfortunately, as earlier PS3 models did, the newer models do not support PS2 games. Because of its larger range of backwards compatible games, the Xbox takes out this category.



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