Must-Have Games – Sega Saturn

Radiant Silvergun

In Radiant Silvergun, you are a jet fighter pilot in a Space Invaders-like game. You have to avoid the lasers getting sent to you by the enemy and laser them yourself. You come up against bosses, and they are really big, but not so hard. A good game, but there isn’t much point to it.

Street Fighter Alpha 3

Street Fighter Alpha 3 is, as all Street Fighter games are, an amazing game in terms of gameplay and controls. The only difference between this and the current games is that the graphics are better. One of my favourites.

Marvel vs Street Fighter

Remember when all the Street Fighter games were about real fighting with the occasional throw? Well, Marvel vs Street Fighter changes all this. With the added bonus of Marvel characters, you have powers as well. You also get to have an alter ego (another player), which enhances combat. A VERY good game.


Other than Mario and Sonic, I would say that Rayman is the best platformer game there is. It is like the Mario and Sonic of its time, but (if it’s even possible) it is BETTER than Mario and Sonic. The graphics are amazing and so is the gameplay. A good game.


Astal is a platformer with good graphics and combat. A second-rate platformer.



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