Slender – Prison

In Prison, you have to collect eight photos. I think, personally, that Prison is one of the hardest Slender maps there is, probably harder than Clautrophobia. Prison is a REALLY BIG MAP. Seriously, it would have to be double the size of any other Slender map there is. Also, to do with the gameplay, the Slender Man’s AI has been completely redesigned, which either means that it would be much easier or much harder. After a while, I found out that it was MUCH HARDER. The prison cells all look the same, which means that you cannot remember where you are. There are many places where the Slender Man can creep up behind you as well. For example, there is a REALLY annoying photo you have to collect in one corner of the map, and get back out again. This is probably the hardest photo to get, especially if this is your last photo. In this map, you can actually escape, so this map is kinda like Mansion. This is one of my favourite maps, because it is the hardest and the scariest. Look up the music if you don’t believe me.


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