Mario VS Sonic

MARIO                                                 VS                                                SONIC

GAMES                           WIN                                                                                                             LOSE
This category was close, because although Sonic has had a few REALLY GOOD games (and some REALLY BAD ones), Mario’s are pretty good, and are all at the same standard.

GRAPHICS                   LOSE                                                                                                             WIN

Sonic’s graphics are pretty awesome in the recent games, and even in the old games, they were awesome too. Mario’s graphics have always been pretty average, except for in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

STORYLINE                LOSE                                                                                                              WIN

Even though Sonic’s storyline isn’t that good, at least he does different stuff every game. EVERY TIME, MARIO JUST SAVES PEACH. IT IS CRAP! It gets so boring that I almost stopped playing Mario games, and if it wasn’t for the Mario Galaxys, I would have stopped playing them.

MOTIVES                     WIN                                                                                                               LOSE
Mario will stop at nothing to save Peach, and Sonic just doesn’t do that. Eventually, some random good guy that plays an integral role in the Sonic game will come up to Sonic and ask for help. THEN he will go help.

PERSONALITY         LOSE                                                                                                               WIN

Sonic is a cocky little hedgehog who can be quite funny. This adds to the reasons why you should play Sonic games. Also, Mario is just an ordinary guy who says ‘Mama Mia!’ or ‘Letsa Go!’.

APPEARANCE          LOSE                                                                                                               WIN

Mario is quite an iconic character with his red hat and moustache who eats mushrooms and flowers to give him powers, but Sonic is blue and spiky. I think this makes Sonic more noticeable and therefore, he has a better appearance.

ABILITIES                  LOSE                                                                                                              WIN

Mario has no abilities whatsoever without using powerups, but Sonic is REALLY FAST anyway.

POWERUPS                WIN                                                                                                              LOSE
Mario has tons of powerups, and Sonic doesn’t have as many. Simple as that.

STYLE                         LOSE                                                                                                               WIN

Sonic is really cool when he does his jumps, and in the new Sonic games, which are 3D, when he runs really fast, he does in style.

Overall, Sonic wins six categories and Mario only wins three. If you like games about people who are plumbers and are just ordinary and have tons of powerups, get Mario, but, in total, Sonic wins this battle.




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