MacBook Air VS MacBook Pro

Normally, I would be doing a Slender post, but because Slenderman’s Shadow just keep saying that it’s “Coming Soon”, I have to skip that post, and just do a Comparing one. Now, due to the release of my new Apple category, I now will do Comparing Apple Products. This will be a page, and it has, well, comparing Apple products. Enjoy!

MACBOOK AIR  (13-inch)                      VS                          MACBOOK PRO (also 13-inch)

Tech Specs

CPU             1.8 GHZ Intel Core i5                2.5 GHZ Intel Core i5

RAM                     4 GB (max 8 GB)                4 GB (max 8 GB)

Storage         128 GB SSD (max 512 GB)  500 GB HDD (max 750 GB HDD or 512 GB SSD)

Ports          Thunderbolt, 2 USB 3.0, SD    Thunderbolt, 2 USB 3.0, SD card

card slot                                         slot, Ethernet, FireWire 800

CD/DVD Drive        No                                                Yes

Weight                1.35 kg                                            2.06 kg

Resolution       1440 X 900                                    1280 X 800

Battery Life       7 hr 27 min                                  6 hr 57 min

Strangely enough, the MacBook Pro is called “Retina”, but the MacBook Air has a better screen resolution. The Air also weighs less, and has better battery life. Although the absence of a CD or DVD Drive for the Air annoys me, it still matches the Pro in most other things.

Size and Weight

The Pro weighs 2.06 kg. The Air weighs 1.35 kg. The Pro feels like a slab; whereas the Air feels like a blade.



The Air has had a better resolution screen than the Pro for several years. Weird, but true. The Pro’s screen is bright and has great viewing angles, but it also has far more glare when compared side-by-side with the Air. The Pro’s display feels considerably bad, especially that there is a higher resolution and anti-glare features on the 15-inch Pro.


Keyboard and Trackpad

The Air and the Pro both have a large, multi-touch trackpad and both keyboards are backlit. The Pro’s keys are taller, while the Air’s are shallower. They are pretty much both the same, so they both perform greatly.



In tests, the Pro led by seconds, but the Air’s boot-up times are a lot faster. But, with the high-end configurations for the Pro, (a faster Core 17 processor and an SSD upgrade) this should provide a much greater lead for the Pro. But, those extras add up… and no 13-inch Pro even comes close to the 15-inch Pro. This means that the 13-inch Pro is so bad at performance, (compared to the 15-inch) that it is level with the Air.


Ports and Extras

The Pro has way more ports. A FireWire 800 port and a dedicated Ethernet port, plus a DVD Drive. But, that’s it. For the Air, you can get a separate USB-to-Ethernet cord, which will provide direct Internet access, and for the DVD Drive, you can always buy the Apple SuperDrive, for only AU$80, or so. The Pro has more ports, but not by much.



The Air has a new 512 GB SSD option, but upgrading to this will make it a bit more expensive, at AU$2264. The included storage of 128 GB is fine for basic use, but you can’t store many movies, music, or photos. The Pro has a hard drive that works slower, but you have plenty of room, at 500 GB.


Battery Life

The Air ran for about 7 hours and 30 minutes in a test, but the Pro only ran for just under 7 hours. The batteries for both are pretty good, but the Air’s pips the pro’s at the post.


Laptop most likely to be used in two years

Well, this question is pretty complex, but in terms of a design that will stay the same and still feel normal, bet on the Air. However, in terms of upgradibility, the Pro will be a tad more flexible. Then again, in two years, who’s going to be using a DVD Drive?


Now, some last minute recommendations,

– If you like old ports and flexibility: get the Pro

– If you want a basic go-to laptop: get the Air

– If you want lots of storage: get the Pro

– What I’d buy (and actually have, this is what I’m typing on now): the Air.

The Pro has more ports, and has a bigger storage, but the Air is faster, more sleek, and has better graphics. If you actually want bigger storage for your Air, just get a external hard drive. You can get a 500 GB one for as low as AU$100. That leaves you with much more space than the Pro. I can’t really say anything else in the conclusion, because I said it all in the actual comparison. And the winner is…




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