Slender – Haunt

This Slender game isn’t by Slenderman’s Shadow or the guys who made the original, but it is the best Slender game I have ever played. I have absolutely no idea who it is made by, but it is on the Unity engine, and it is the 3.5 version. This one has a story, and it is about a company who “experiments” on live people and one of the people is called Mark Slender. He escaped and the company couldn’t catch him. But once Mark escaped the premises, the company didn’t think it was worth it to retrieve him (or it…) There are three game modes; Noob, Gamer and Paranormal. I watched a video on YouTube, that I am going to upload later, which had a guy playing it on Gamer and he lost within a minute. I hate to think what would happen if he was playing on Paranormal. In Haunt, you have to collect photos, which as far as I know, are meaningless, scraps, which are like pages from the other games, and keys, which just unlock other parts of the massive map that you need to go to. I know I’ve said this many times before, but this is the scariest Slender game I have played. A good thing about this map is that there are maps of the park all over the level, but, even so, you can easily get lost. There is a save mechanism, which is in some places around the map, and it is a typewriter. Going back to getting lost, I was trying to find the house (a place on the map) to save my game, but I couldn’t find it! It took at least 20 minutes, but eventually I found it. Since I had been playing so long, and I didn’t feel like playing anymore, I just quit. This was the first time I played. This game is amazing, and you’ve got to get it. Until, the Slenderman’s Shadow Secret Project is released, goodbye!


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