iPod Touch VS iPod Classic VS iPod Nano VS iPod Shuffle

Before I actually start this post, I am just going to state that we all know which iPod is going to win this. That is all.

IPOD TOUCH   (32 GB)      VS        IPOD CLASSIC (160 GB)       VS        IPOD NANO (16 GB)      VS       IPOD SHUFFLE (2 GB)

CAPACITY (in songs)         7000                 40 000                             4000                                         500

WINNER: Quite obviously, the iPod Classic wins this. But, anyway, why would anyone have that many songs?

VIDEO PLAYING                Yes                         Yes                                  Yes                                           No

WINNERS: iPod Touch, iPod Classic and the iPod Nano.

VIDEO RECORDING        Yes                           No                                  N0                                             No

WINNER: iPod Touch.

SCREEN SIZE (diagonal) 10.16 cm            6.35 cm                         6.35 cm                                  No screen

WINNER: iPod Touch.

SCREEN RESOLUTION  960 x 640          320 x 240                       240 x 240                                        N/A

WINNER: iPod Touch, and by quite a distance…

BACK CAMERA                 5 MP                       None                              None                                       None

WINNER: iPod Touch, because it is the only one that HAS a back camera.

FRONT CAMERA            1.2 MP                     None                              None                                         None

WINNER: Again, the iPod Touch is the only one that has a camera.

WEIGHT                             88 grams            139 grams                     31 grams                               12 grams

WINNER: Personally, I would not like the weight of the nano or the shuffle. But, there can’t really be a winner.

SIZE (in mm)                123 x 59 x 6            104 x 62 x 11                77 x 38 x 5                          29 x 32 x 9

WINNER: Again, there is no winner.

Battery Life

Audio Playback           Up to 40 hours     Up to 36 hours            Up to 30 hours                   Up to 15 hours

Video Playback            Up to 8 hours       Up to 6 hours              Up to 3.5 hours                          N/A

Fast Charge Time            2 hours                  2 hours                          1.5 hours                               2 hours

( up to 80%)

Full Charge Time            4 hours                   4 hours                           3 hours                                 3 hours

WINNER: The iPod Touch clearly has the longest battery life. How does the Shuffle take that long to charge?

COLOURS                   Colours available: charcoal, grey, pink, yellow and blue              Colours available: grey and charcoal            Colours available: charcoal, grey, purple, pink, yellow, green and blue   Colours available: charcoal, grey, purple, pink, yellow, green and blue

Colours available: (PRODUCT) RED                                                                                             Colours available: (PRODUCT) RED                      Colours available: (PRODUCT) RED

WI-FI                                      Yes                           No                                    No                                      No

WINNER: iPod Touch, the only one that has Wi-Fi.

APP STORE                           Yes                          No                                     No                                      No

WINNER: Again, the iPod Touch is the only one with it.

BLUETOOTH                      Yes                           No                                     Yes                                      No

WINNER: This actually surprised me, that the Nano included Bluetooth now, but so be it. The Touch and Nano win this category.

PRICE                               AU$329                AU$279                               AU$169                              AU$55

WINNER: There really shouldn’t be a winner for this category, but the Nano’s price is REALLY cheap.



Outright category win = 1 point

Two category winners = 0.5 points each

Three category winners = 0.33 points each

iPod Touch: 8.83 points

iPod Nano: 1.83 points

iPod Classic: 1.33 points

iPod Shuffle: 0 points

The iPod Touch wins this post by, what would seem like, a mile. As soon as you started reading this post, you knew which iPod was going to win, didn’t you? Well, back to the conclusion. The iPod Touch won, or had a share of winning in every category, except how many songs it can hold (or the capacity). Because the iPod Classic is 160 GB, it can hold up to five times more songs than the Touch. The Classic got its points through the Capacity category and the Video Playing category. The Nano got its points, interestingly, from the Video Playing category, the Bluetooth category and the Price category. This was quite unexpected for me, because why would the Nano need Bluetooth? In the picture that describes it on the Apple page, (here is the link to the page, www.apple.com/au/ipod-nano/) it has a car option. This simply means that it can play music on the cars system without having to plug it in. Of course, some cars can’t do this and you need to plug it in anyway. Plus, the Nano shouldn’t have actually got points for the Price category… And last of all, the Shuffle got ABSOLUTELY NO POINTS. But, then again, when you think about it, why would something that has no screen, is AU$55 dollars and has an amazing capacity of 2 GB get any points against something with a 4-inch screen, that is AU$329 and has a capacity of 32 GB? The iPod Touch is what I was talking about then, in case you didn’t catch that. Now I will reveal the obvious winner,



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