Slender – Slender Mod

Slenderman’s Shadow should really hurry up and release the Secret Project, because I am RUNNING OUT of stuff to write about… but I did kinda forget about this one. This map is all black and white, which makes it extra scary. There is this one page which says “Behind you”, and I’ve seen a playthrough on YouTube where the guy turned around as soon as he got the page, and Slender Man was right behind him. This was just a coincidence  because I have played Slender Mod many times, and it has never happened to me. I’m kind of annoyed that it hasn’t happened, though, because that is probably the only reason why I got it. Slender Mod is, as the title dictates, a mod to Slender – The Eight Pages. So, this post can’t actually be that long. So, I guess I’m going to end this post here. My next Slender post will hopefully be the Slenderman’s Shadow Secret Project. See you then.


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