Slender – New, but useless information about the Secret Project

OK, well, the Secret Project still isn’t out, but Slenderman’s Shadow have said on their website and their Facebook page that it is going to be released sometime this month (January). They have also released a screenshot of the level select menu, which is right below this text…

Photo: A screenshot of the new level select menu

See it? Right, there it actually says there is a Christmas Special level. There have been no trailers or announcements whatsoever about this, but even so, it’s pretty cool that they’re doing it. Because, originally, there was going to be Carnival, Christmas and SDK in the Secret Project. But, they turned it in to a whole new program which can be run on Mac and Linux (adding to the normal Windows) and included every map they have made, remade on the Unity engine. I would have liked to see the SDK actually featured in the Secret Project, but since it was said to be in it, they are probably going to develop and release it within a few months. Another speculation I heard was that (this was when the Secret Project was only a rumour) there was going to be a multi-player mode. Now, this would be pretty cool, with four players and one is Slender Man, and the other three are victims, as such. I don’t know if they are ever going to make that, but that would be seriously awesome. Well, by the time I actually come around to writing the next Slender post, it will most likely have been released. So, be expecting a post about that soon. Until then, see you later my fellow Disturbed Zombies!


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