Slender – Carnival

In Slender Carnival, as the name suggests, you are in a carnival. But this is any old carnival, it is a popcorn and candy carnival. And of course it is Slender Man’s carnival too. This is the first Slenderman’s Shadow map that is in black and white. I personally think it makes it scarier, but then again, since it is black and white, you can’t see the glowsticks you drop. Well, actually, you can, but the colour customisation doesn’t do anything. They are just white. You have to collect eight pieces of evidence. These can be anything from shoes to teddy bears, but most of them are just pages. I personally find Carnival very hard, because everything is the same. You can’t tell any difference with the rooms, unlike other maps. But a good thing is, when you need to escape, it is relatively easy to get out of the carnival, and to the ladder where you escape. I have only got one piece of evidence so far, but I will be able to get more soon. These are my current high scores:

Sanatorium: 5/8 pages

Hospice: 6/8 pages

Elementary: 7/8 teddy bears

Mansion: 6/12 mementos

Claustrophobia: 3/10 keys

7th Street: 4/6 pages

Prison: 3/8 pages

Carnival: 1/8 pieces of evidence

Christmas Special (I am going to do a post on this soon): 5/8 presents


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