Slender – Christmas Special

This map was, like Carnival, only released in the Slenderman’s Shadow game, which costs AU$7, but unlike Carnival, this map was available in the Demo version, along with Sanatorium. This map is one of my favourites because, the Slender Man isn’t in the game. As me and probably many others thought, I thought that it was going to be Slender Man with a santa hat. But, it wasn’t, and it just is plain old Santa. But, it still is quite creepy, because when Santa gets close, he says “Ho, ho, ho!”, and this scares the life out of you if you don’t know he’s there. And when he kills you, he again says “Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!”, which I think is better than the normal just static. When you start the game, you appear to be in Santa’s Workshop, and the buildings are all just present boxes, and a few of them have elf beds in them. The Christmas Special, I think, is one of the easiest maps, and even though I cannot complete it, I do seem to find the presents quite quickly. My high score on this map is 6/8 presents, but I will hopefully finish soon. I don’t know what the next Slender post will be, but I think it will be the Slender The Arrival Beta, or maybe even the full game. Who knows? No-one, but I’ll see you all in the next post!


3 thoughts on “Slender – Christmas Special

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