WordPress VS Blogger

This is a comparison of the Blogging engines. As you can tell by the website address, I think that WordPress is better. But, that might not be right. Let’s find out.


TEMPLATE CUSTOMISATION                               WINNER: Blogger

Blogger wins this round because they allow you free customisation, but WordPress only lets you choose from a set of themes. But, in my opinion, the themes by WordPress are pretty cool anyway.

HELP               WINNER: Draw

Blogger has video tutorials, but WordPress just has text. So it’s a draw.

FREE THEMES            WINNER: Blogger

Blogger has a LOT of themes, and WordPress only has a few.

PAID THEMES              WINNER: WordPress

WordPress has TONS of themes that are paid (mine isn’t one of them) and they are all done professionally. Blogger only has a few and they are unprofessional.

CODING               WINNER: Blogger

Blogger uses much more user-friendly codes than WordPress.

DASHBOARD              WINNER: Draw

Both Dashboards are easy to use.


You can change your theme whenever you want on WordPress, but you can only change it sometimes on Blogger.

WIDGETS            WINNER: Blogger

Blogger has a lot of widgets, and WordPress only has a few.

COMMENTS            WINNER: WordPress

WordPress allows moderation, and it has a spam filter. Blogger has neither.


Although Blogger is owned by Google, there is no favouritism. WordPress is owned by a private party, so optimisation is easy.

BLOG PRIVACY                    WINNER: WordPress

With Blogger, you can limit your blog to 100 readers and 100 authors. On WordPress, you can limit it to 35 WordPress account holders, and posts can be private and password protected.

BLOG IMPORTING                WINNER: WordPress

Blogger blogs can only be imported from another Blogger blog. You can import WordPress from pretty much anywhere.


Both can be notified by email.


Blogger does the human test (which doesn’t work according to Tobuscus…), and WordPress doesn’t do anything.

VIDEO STORAGE                WINNER: Blogger

Blogger has 16 GB, whereas WordPress only has 3 GB without upgrading.

IMAGE STORAGE                 WINNER: WordPress

WordPress has 3 GB, and lets you upload lots of other files, and Blogger only has 1 GB.

FILE TYPES                   WINNER: WordPress

WordPress lets you upload almost anything. Blogger only lets you upload images.

BLOG STATS                  WINNER: WordPress

WordPress has a very detailed Stats page, and lets you show the amount of views as a widget on your blog. Blogger only has third-party stats.

BLOG PARTNERS                    WINNER: WordPress

Blogger allows you to have 100 administrators and authors. WordPress only lets you have 35 partners, but you can allow them to have different levels of authority. There is Administrator (Top, and should only be one person), Editor (Second-in-command, should be between 5-10 people), Author (Have some authority, can be up to 20 people) and Contributor (No authority, and can have an unlimited amount of people).

ADS               WINNER: Blogger

Blogger displays no ads, and WordPress does for some people.

EMAILED POSTS                   WINNER: WordPress

For WordPress, it is integrated if you are following the person, but you need another app for Blogger.




In conclusion, WordPress wins ten categories, and Blogger wins seven. There were a few draws along the way. But, let’s cut to the chase.

If you just want a blog to play around on, use Blogger, it’s free and has some cool features. But if you really want to make your blog something special, use WordPress. It costs AU$100 a year for all the upgrades, but if you really need the website, you’ll be willing to pay this. Sadly, I am not willing to pay this, so sadly I have ads. I’ll try to remove them soon. I think I know my winner.




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