PS Vita VS Nintendo 3DS XL


I am running out of things to compare, but I thought maybe I could compare the handheld gaming consoles.

CPU processor                  WINNER: PS Vita

The PS Vita has 2GHz quad-core processors, and an ARM Cortex -A9 chip. The 3DS XL only has a 1 GHz dual-core processor with an ARM A11 chip.

Graphics              WINNER: PS Vita

The PS Vita has a chip with more than 133 million polys per seconds, while the 3DS XL only has approximately 15 million polys per second.

Memory               WINNER: PS Vita

The PS Vita has 512 MB of RAM, but the 3DS XL only has 128 MB.

Screen         WINNER: PS Vita

Note: I am comparing the top screen of the 3DS to the screen of the Vita.

The 3DS’s screen is slightly smaller than the Vita’s and it has half the PPI of the Vita. The resolution of the 3DS isn’t that bad compared to the Vita coming in at 800×240, while the Vita’s is 960×544.

Gaming battery life             WINNER: 3DS XL

The Vita has a pretty good 5-6 hours for all games, but the 3DS XL has 3-6.5 hours for 3DS games, and 5-8 hours for DS games.

Storage              WINNER: 3DS XL

The PS Vita doesn’t come with any included storage, so you have to buy it, and the lowest price for storage is about AU$40. The 3DS XL has 4 GB included, and all the game data is stored on the cartridge.

Connectivity             WINNER: PS Vita

The Vita has two models, a 3G and Wi-Fi model, and a Wi-Fi model. Both models of the Vita have Bluetooth. The 3DS doesn’t have a 3G model, and doesn’t have Bluetooth.

Cameras                 WINNER: Draw

Both the Vita and the 3DS XL have 640×480 resolution for their back cameras.

Game delivery            WINNER: Draw

Both the Vita and the 3DS XL have cartridges and online store content.

Price                  WINNER: 3DS XL

The 3DS XL can be bought for about AU$280, while the 3G+Wi-Fi model of the Vita is around AU$500 and the Wi-Fi only model is near AU$430.

Other features             WINNER: Draw

Both have an internet browser, and the 3DS XL also has 3D video playback, while the Vita has a GPS.


This really is a battle of the handheld consoles. The Vita won five categories, the 3DS XL won three and three were draws. The Vita is for hardcore gamers, and the 3DS XL is for people who don’t play games that much. I think we have a winner.



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