Game Review #1: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)

Well. Here I go on my first review. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is arguably the best Wii game ever made. But, it wasn’t the first in it’s series, there was one before this, and many that inspired it. The first in the series was Super Mario Galaxy, which was also a very good game. This game was also inspired by games such as Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 and Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo GameCube. I, like many other people, consider this to be my favourite Wii game.


The gameplay for Super Mario Galaxy 2 is really good. Like many other games, you have a home, and a place where you can select which level you would like to play. The home station is very detailed, and as you progress through the game, more and more characters get added to the station. You can interact with all of them, but like pretty much all meaningless characters in games, their dialogue is completely irrelevant. I also like the fact that the level select screen is like the other Mario games in the way that it is set up. It is just like a series of dots and a preview of what the galaxy looks like. The actual galaxies are very detailed with all manner of enemies and obstacles for you to pass. Also, in every world there is a boss or mini-boss battle. Sometimes you face Bowser, and sometimes it’s Bowser Jr., but anyway these galaxies are usually extra hard and it is always a good idea to stockpile lives before going into this galaxy. The currency in this game is in star bits and coins, but star bits are usually needed more. You can use star bits to fill up certain lumas (your mini star friends) and they will give you a new galaxy. There is usually one of these lumas per world. Nintendo definitely did a good job with the gameplay.


Personally, I loved the controls for this game. Using both the Wii remote and Nunchuck, you can creep, walk, run and sprint. You can jump, jump high, jump long and backflip. You can wall kick and grab onto the edges of walls. You can do pretty much anything. There is still the obvious iconic Mario Galaxy attack: the spin. This will kill enemies, and it will give you star bits, but if you jump on them (which I prefer), you get coins. Also, it was never too hard to move your fingers fast enough to avoid things. You only need the control stick to move, and the A button to jump. I would like to say something bad about the controls, but off the top of my head, I can’t think of anything. Amazing.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 wasn’t difficult, except on the occasional boss level and the world after you have completed the game. I would have to say it was probably too easy. Pretty much all the galaxies were cinch. So, obviously, it was difficult for all the right reasons.

I loved this game. The game was fun throughout and the action never stopped. The only time when the game ceased to be fun was when you had completed the main game, and you were on the extra world. See, in the extra world, you have to get more stars to unlock new galaxies. This can be quite annoying when you have completed everything, and you are just waiting for comets to appear and give you extra challenges.


This game was just pure awesomeness. It was so addicting and I wanted to play it every minute of every day. Now to score. Since there were pretty much no cons for this game it is going to be an almost perfect score.

SCORE: 97%

If you have a Wii, and you do not have this game, GET IT.


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