Game Review #2 – Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)


Welcome to my second game review. This is for one of the best Wii games in history. Although, it is not as good as it’s sequel, you would have to give it a hell of a lot of kudos, because it was made in 2007, whereas it’s sequel was made in 2010. I consider this to be my… maybe… 3rd favourite game. Obviously after Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (which I will review as soon as I finish it!).


The gameplay is really very good. Like Super Mario Galaxy 2, you have a home world. But, this one is more intricately designed than the second one. This is like a spaceship and has different rooms to go in and 1-UPs to find. In every room, there are certain things in the background and you can levitate to the top of the room to look at the galaxies you can travel to in that room. You unlock rooms based on how many stars you have, and you can get up to four stars in each galaxy. Each room has a boss (or mini-boss), except for the Garden, which is the room after the final boss. This room is just basically for fun. The galaxies are a lot more challenging than the sequel, which I prefer. There are also comets in this game, which mean the level is a variation of the normal galaxy and you might have to go faster, or collect lots of coins. Like the sequel, there are both star bits and coins, star bits fill up lumas and give you extra galaxies like the sequel, and coins just give you some life back. Nintendo did a good job with the gameplay, and more so than the sequel.


Like the sequel, the controls are amazing. But for the first game, the controls are much better because they were much more revolutionary because nothing like this had ever been done before. Mario fans were waiting for another Mario game, and they got what they expected and more. Arguably, this was the best Wii game until the sequel and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword were released. But, I suppose that every Wii game has been pretty game-changing in the controls department, because it was the first console where you could move yourself and the WiiMote to do things.


This game was quite difficult, and this wasn’t just in the boss battles. But, I prefer the difficulty to the first game, because the game isn’t just a case of running through it and just completing every level in five seconds. I loved the difficulty and it’s probably one of the reasons I liked this game so much, because I had to play it for a few months, which made me be even more immersed in the game.

This game was very fun and I was immersed in it for the whole time. In the sequel, you had to wait for comets to get more stars for the extra world, but in the first game, as soon as you complete the game, all the comets appear.


Since I was just a kid when I got this game, I thought this was just amazing. I know this will sound weird, but even though Super Mario Galaxy 2 is better because they improved some things, I am going to give this a better score. For it’s time, this was better so, here’s my score.

SCORE: 98%

Get this game. Or back to the days of the NES you go!


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